What is endodontics?


Endodontic treatment, or root canal treatment, treats the soft pulp tissue inside the tooth. A root canal treatment is a simple, nonsurgical, procedure that restores your infected tooth so that it doesn’t require extraction. Root canal therapy also prevents the infection in your tooth from spreading to your other teeth, your jawbone, or even your bloodstream.

What happens during a root canal?

During a root canal, your dentist will remove the infected material from your tooth, and then thoroughly clean and disinfect the empty chamber. After that is done, the chamber will get filled with a rubbery substance called gutta-percha, which makes the tooth solid and stable. Gutta-percha also seals and protects the chamber from future infections. Once your tooth has been restored, you use it and clean it just as you would a natural tooth. However, you may need more than one visit to complete your root canal therapy, depending on the extent of the infection and the state of your tooth.

How Do I Know if I need a Root Canal?

Infected root canals can be extremely painful, especially when you chew. You might also feel intense, persistent pain after your teeth are exposed to heat or cold, such as when eating ice cream or drinking a hot beverage. Other signs of a tooth infection include:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Darkened teeth
  • Swollen, painful, or lumpy gums

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